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As you may know, apologetics is the intelligent presentation and defense of the historical Christian faith.

We also examine false doctrines, false prophets and teachers, spiritual abuse and abusive churches, as well as religious cults and sects.

We encourage Christians to grow in spiritual discernment.

And whether you're a Christian, or have not yet met Jesus Christ, we hope you will learn about Grace and Mercy — two gifts that set Christianity apart from any other religion.

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The Bible teaches that all Christians should grow in spiritual discernment. Here's how to do that.

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International House of Prayer (IHOP, or IHOP-KC)

The International House of Prayer (IHOP) is a "charismatic Christian" organization based in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded and led by Mike Bickle, erstwhile pastor of the controversial, discredited "Kansas City Prophets." IHOPKC has "formally and permanently" separated from founder Mike Bickle due to the "level of inappropriate behavior." Later IHOPKC reorganized in a doomed-to-fail effort to protect itself from victims' lawsuits. Meanwhile, the organization ignores the victims, and continuous to promote the discredited so-called "prophetic history" cobbled together by its disgraced former leader.

Twelve Tribes

Twelve Tribes is a communal religious movement that believes it emulates the early Christian church. Theologically this group is a cult of Christianity. Sociologically it has many cult-like elements as well.